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Our Top Ministry Priorities for 2024

  • Leadership 

  • Communication

  • Relationship Building

As a people of God, we share Christ's love, grow in faith, and serve others

Our Vision

At  Zion we strive to provide a sanctuary for prayerful and Joyous worship within a respectful and welcoming environment and to meet the spiritual needs of our intergenerational congregation and community, using Christian ideas and values. 


We will work on developing new and existing leaders to carry on the mission of the gospel and the congregation who effectively plan, execute, and communicate.  In addition, discern the God-given mission and vision of Zion through, prayer, planning and future-thinking.  We intend to develop and better utilize our committees and ministry teams to deal with the needs and challenges of the congregation so that council can focus on the mission and visionary work.



We will strengthen our communication strategies and techniques to make sure we keep the congregation and other vested parties informed of our work and plans.  For example, the encouragement of timely two-way communication at all levels of congregational life. 


Relationship Building

United around Jesus, we will strengthen relationships among ministry teams, committees, and individuals in the congregation to foster mutual care and support of one another such as aiding in conflict resolution when it arises. 

Our Mission

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