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Commemorative Brick Fundraiser 

Your commemorative brick is a wonderful opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at Zion Lutheran Church.

Bricks can be engraved with your name, or to honor or remember an important person, event, family, accomplishment, or donated as a special gift. Each brick 4 x 8 brick costs $100.00.


Worship Assistant

Worship Leader Responsibilities:
Lector (reader)
Communion Assistant

Worship Leader Schedules

5 p.m.

9 a.m.

11 a.m.


Zion Prayer List 2-26-2023

Requests remain on the prayer list for 30 days unless requested otherwise.  

Kathy Chaney, Jason Minnick, Linda Crummitt, Jackie Bello, Nancy Allen, Trish Tollefson, Nena Rhoderick, Ron Trusty, Bill Eisentrout, Clark Kline, Frances Eaves, Doris Taylor, Donna Musser, Dolores Para, Eric Kinna, Skippy Zimmerman, Helene Keefner, Sarah Danner, Pat Rudy, Melvin Smith, Harold “Bubby” Webber, Tom & Bonnie Remsberg, Matthew Schantz, Janet Young, John Bagent Jr., Evelyn Hawker, Sarah Gladhill, Wayne Smith, Bob Guyton, Anna Hough, Kathi Hayter, Shirley Smith, Anna Kepler, Marianna Bere, Marty Appleby, Ruby Pyles, Gene Appleby, Addison Hopson, Kevin Kinna, Deb Kahihikolo, Janice Wisner
Deaths: Gerald Lawall and Joel Engel.


Please be sure the church is notified if you are hospitalized and if you wish to be placed on the prayer list or would like visitation.  


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