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Past Bible Studies

Studying scripture is an important part of our faith formation program at Zion.  Below are some of Bible Studies we have done in the past.  

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Biblical Myths

In the Winter of 2022, Bruce McIntosh along with the Adult Forum Class explored some "myths" of the Bible.  


Book of Acts

In the Spring of 2021, Pastors Diane and Matt expounded upon our readings from the book of Acts throughout the Easter Season. We focused on how the church functioned and grew in a

pre-Christian world.​

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Facing the End of Life

In 2021, our faith community was rocked by some untimely deaths. During the month when we spend our worship time talking about the end of time and celebrating the lives of the saints who are no longer with us, let us also talk about how we can be better prepared for death.

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Small Catechism

The Small Catechism remains one of the great gifts to the church. In Lent 2024, we explored the Small Catechism on Wednesdays nights.  

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