Zion Lutheran Church Council Meeting
Monday, June 13, 2022 - 6:30 p.m.


OVERVIEW as of 5/31/2022

  • May Income and Expense: May current ministry income of $48,012 was less than expenses of $48,878 for a deficit of $865.46 for the month of May.  (5 Sunday month)

  • May Total Church:   The May year-to-date total church deficit is $146,758.80

  • YTD Proposed Budget income $242,085 vs YTD Actual Income $242,799.  

  • YTD Proposed Budget Expense $266,056. vs YTD Actual Expenses $267,401 Actual Income is less expenses by $24,602.

Discussion regarding the Memorial Garden
At the May Council Meeting, council had voted to repair the Memorial Garden walking path and fund the repair with the Poffinberger Estate bequest. There was a discussion on the difference between a capital improvement and maintenance item. There were congregation members in attendance who wanted clarification on the urgency for this project. There was discussion about the garden being a liability and that is why the Council had voted to move forward with the repairs.

The specific wording of the Poffinberger Estate bequest is as follows:

I direct that the above-named institutions shall use the proceeds of these bequests for new capital improvements or for the purchase of furnishings and equipment as may be needed by said institutions. I specifically direct that no portion of these bequests shall be used for current operating expenses by the named institutions. I further direct that the items purchased for the institutions using these funds shall be appropriately designated as In Memory of Charles R. and Esther M. Poffinberger".

A motion was made to delay the repairs for the garden until fall but failed to pass.

Regular Business Items
The meeting minutes from the May meeting were approved as presented.

New Business Items
A continuing resolution was passed to help define the process for including the Finance Committee on decision making that the Council is involved in. Safety and Security Team is being reassembled; Ike Ahalt will serve as the council liaison.
The Council discussed some ways to celebrate Pastor Ron’s 50th anniversary of his
ordination. At the July meeting, there will be further discussion about committee structure and their definition in the by-laws.